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Sep 21

A Month of Worries, a Month of Thoughts

Its been a long time since I wrote any journals to update. I haven’t really found myself yet. Though I have a family and come home to a beautiful family but there’s that missing piece to the puzzle. Its really hard waking up every morning and lost. Sometimes in life you had high hopes to …

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Jul 21

cPanel to CentOS WebPanel

A Quick and short update! I migrated WHM cPanel to CentOS Web Panel. Its free and cheap! I’m not going to post much because I’m afraid I’ll have to start over if the server fail. This is  a quick update. I’ll update you guys more once we’re stable.

Dec 05

Gallery 3 Hibernation Moving On

Gallery 3 has served me since 2004 and its about time to move on. Since 2014 Gallery 3 developers has announce they are into hibernation. For the last two years Gallery 3 has no update and patches. This has leave my site vulnerable to many issues. I spent the last two month searching for a …

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Nov 23

Why switch to SSL??

Security Security Security! I finally made the big leap enabling SSL on my customer websites and personal websites. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA) for public. Let’s Encrypt certificates are valid for 3 months and after three months you could renew the certificate. Three months is pretty short for me therefore …

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Nov 21

CentOS Web Panel replace cPanel WHM

Lately I have been sitting on the verge of switching away from cPanel yearly increase in their prices. Every company tend to increase their price over time once they begin to profit and due to inflation they increase their price. I came across CentOS Web Panel, a perfect candidate to replace cPanel WHM. [gallery_bank type=”images” …

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Oct 30

A New Home

Lately I’ve been very busy organizing my home. I bought a house in September 2016 and now working on organizing things out. Things are coming together. sorry no more updates. Just quick update to let my friends know I’m still alive.

Jun 21

The stress

Coping with stress is a really hard thing. It’s how you go with the ride and adapt to it. I find that stress at work is more than at home. At home the stress has a feeling to it that’s unbearable. Stress làm  mình mệt lam. Stress ở nhà đâu rát nhiều.  Uống nuoc cho …

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Jun 20

Việt Kiều

Việt Kiều  la mot chu Cardin khong hieu den bay gio. Khong ai thuong minh that tinh dau. Tim mot Trai tim ma thuong minh that tinh kho lam. Buon oi la buon….Chet may chua Cardin. Its been a tough ride. There are lots of crazy things at work. I have to handle the craziness …

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May 17

Safe and Sound

Just a quick update. I’ve been busy with my new position and kids. I haven’t written any journal lately, but life is doing good. Lots of complication with a pal and afraid to be forgotten scares me. thats about it. I’ll update further once I get my life settle down. -Cardin

Feb 20

State of Washington Department of Correction

Recently I took a new job at DOC on Feb 16, 2016. So far its been good experience. A lot of new things to learn from environment and new faces. Its a whole new culture over here. We need agile so information are flowing between the groups. Its a bit frustrated but I’m not giving …

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