Oct 07

Mot Cau Tham Thiet – One Harsh Word

Hom nay Cardin lai co mot chuyen buon nua. Sao ngay nao cung co chuyen buon vay ta? Chac co nhieu chuyen au lo lan nen moi buon. Gap con Vo cho an lieu thuoc lam minh mai mai khong co uoc mo duoc nua. 5-10 nam den luc do Cardin khong biet ra sao… Cardin chac khong ve vietnam 1 nam nua. Lan nay di ve choi voi ba 1 thang roi ve som. Cardin thuong Vo moi muon o lau nhung mot cau tham thiet cua con Vo Cardin se khong ve o lau .. Nguoi ta noi cai gi cua minh se mai mai cua minh. Thuong rat nhieu moi nghi nhieu kach de Huong qua ben day som nhung ……hmmmm…thoi 5 nam 5 nam….cung qua thoi =*( . Bay gio moi biet su dau nhat cua doi song.

Background Song: "Buon Trong Ky Niem – Dan Nguyen" – mot ban nhac noi len chuyen buon hom nay. =*(

Oct 06

Sang 5 Cau, Khuya 5 Cau

Today I went to the eye doctor. My son has same vision like me. He's better off! he was born here so he gets the treatment early so he's not going to get affected. I was a bit late so my left eye is lazy.


Tinh Yeu Qua 10 Cau

Sang anh nho em, anh bot phone len de goi em.
Em nho anh khong?
Em tam chua?
Em an gi chua?
Em hom nay co di dau choi khong?
Em Con Gian anh khong?

Qua het nua ngay  tim anh nhoi dau bot phone len goi
Em tu chieu gio lam gi?
EM co qua nha bac choi khong?
Em den gio co an gi chua?
Em hom nay co nho den anh khong?
Em Con gian anh khong?

Tinh Yeu Qua 10 Cau ….

hahahha khong biet nua, cardin hom nay bi dien…haha thoi …Tho cardin viet "NO GOOD" hahhaah =)

Oct 05

My Cooking – Thich Ga

I spent about 20 minutes preparing for this. My dad taught me how to when I was sent off to college! It's like the only food I know how to make! Making rice doesn't count does it? I'm some what excited to head to Vietnam. It's getting a lot closer to move back home. I'm slowly throwing things away and giving it away to students around this area who just moved up here. I remember back then when I moved up here for  college, other graduates gave stuff and now its my turn. =)

Cardin lau lam roi chua an gi het.. Toan an do` hop cho qua ngay. Minh nho, minh thuong an khong duoc. Bay gio du` co do` an nhung an cung khong duoc. Nguoi minh sap cuoi cung la nguoi gac minh. Nguoi sap cuoi cung la nguoi lua minh. Nguoi sap cuoi cung la nguoi that hua. Hoi sang nay Cardin nghe duoc mot loi "Ve roi thay hop thi lay khong hop thi thoi" ..mot cau tra loi de lai mot vết thương khong the noi ra ma chi de nuoc mat roi. Doi voi nguoi ta tinh yeu chi nhu com bua. An xong roi chùi miệng, quen di ngay xua. Du sao Cardin cung da hua se thuong suot doi nhung se them vet thuong. Ai ngho dau. Cardin tuong la co nguoi minh tuong de tua vao cho qua ngay nhung bay gio cung phai di mot minh. Bay gio nhieu chuyen de suy nghi nhung khong ai biet cho minh. Cardin nghi la nguoi minh thuong se biet long minh, nhung bay gio moi biet suy nghi chi la mot uoc mo* mot tinh yeu thoi.

Nguoi minh thuong that hua thi minh cung phai du loi hua. Nhung chac Cardin se khong sinh mot dua con nua dau. Mot dua du roi. Them mot dua khong co dit chac Cardin khoc chet luon wa.. =*(

Nhat ky lan sau se la mot video ok? =)


Background Song: "Sau Mot TInh Yeu – Cardin Nguyen" – bay gio moi biet khong co gi ma that thinh het. Co le Cardin chi co the noi voi nguoi tinh 10 cau moi ngay. Cardin chua bao gio that hua voi nguoi nhung nguoi tinh that hua nhu com bua. Co le ong troi cho Cardin biet nen noi chuyen it hon 10 cau voi nguoi tinh. Tinh yeu chi mot chieu thoi. Sometimes live is only one way. You just can't expect anything in return. (I DID NOT SING THIS! ITS THE CARDIN THE SINGER)






Sep 27

An Old Friend – Thina

Well I don't know if I should be happy or sad. But I receently added a friend whom I met in 2005 that changed the course of my life. I placed high hopes in her and it all changed. Theres lots in me that I hide and don't want to share and she was one of them. She changed the course of my life when she said no to a nasty question…..



anyways moving on. I'm getting ready to packup and head to vietnam. got a full time job and good pay..woot!

Sep 06

iPhone 4 FaceTime

I bought 3 iPhone 4 : His & Hers! I definitely  like the new features FaceTime from Apple.

I signed up for ftfun.com and been chatting with people around the global! Try it out! Buy an iPhone or iTouch!


Aug 29

Day Doc Than

Cardinb uon wa ko biet lam gi hon… =) hu hu hu hu hu hu hu…vi yeu moi chieu kho…


Watch the video/Coi video Online

Phan 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8P7ApfJeOc
Phan 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P7A6qRNk7Q
Phan 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX0JuffuDl8
Phan 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmHPbu5cTGQ
Phan 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-5gqty153E
Phan 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8cPHoXW0Vc
Phan 7 Het http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUpFSK0OtHY


Download/Tai Ve
Phan 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6BS3QRD3
Phan 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C4MOIZAT
Phan 3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=41MHFZU7
Pahn 4: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VKRNNA1A
Phan 5: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M5PWLET2
Phan 6: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7GLTQQGD
Phan 7 End: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YJSYU9Z4


Background Song: "Co Le ANh Sai – Khanh Phuong" hu huu huu. Them mot ban nhat buon….

Aug 29

Pack! Pack! Pack!

Oh lord I got so many clothes. It's going to donations! Going to Vietnam to stay for a year is gonna be tough and fun! I'm so ready for the culture shock and challenges! My folks stil in their game of trying to convince me to come back and work! But who cares! I can work anywhere in the world with my job and skills! I talked with my bosses at Cameo Designs and CPN, they both said I could head off and still get paid for work! Awesome eh? But my mom still want me to come back and get another job because I work so less hrs. She doesn't understand that even though I work less hrs but my job is very intensive when theres work. So hrs when theres no work it covers the massive work hrs. =) Mom sure are greedy. She doesn't understand that during those hrs that you don't work you're pretty much on call!

Cardin co nhieu do  qua…ngay mai dep cho GoodWill 6 bao. Nguoi me nao cung tham lam het. Me Cardin khong cho Cardin ve Vietnam o mot nam. Me Cardin noi du Cardin lam 2-4 tieng mot ngay Me muon Cardin tim them mot cong viec nua. Lam nhieu do la duoc roi ma con muon Cardin kiem thiem mot cong viec nua.  Aiyyaaaaah….

Aug 18

Di Ve Nha Ba – Heading back Home

Today I moved some of my stuff back home to dads house! Getting read to head back to Vietnam to stay for a year. Anyways heres some videos.

This isn't a journal! Just sharing my rough days with my family!

Hom nay Cardin ko co danh nhat ky. Cardin chi dua video len cho ban be coi thoi!



MegaVideo 8 Phan (Xem/View Online)

Phan 1
Phan 2
Phan 3
Phan 4
Phan 5
Phan 6
Phan 7
Phan 8

MegaDownload 8 Phan (Tai Ve/Download)

 Phan 1
Phan 2
Phan 3
Phan 4
Phan 5
Phan 6
Phan 7
Phan 8


Aug 17

Packing up moving home

I'm excited to move back home! It's been 9 years since I graudated from Capital High School. I started to used Facebook to reconnect to people that I know over the years. I'm quite happy how everyone turn out. When you look at yourself you feel really sad. When you work in digital electronics it turns out to be quite sad because you're so isolated and disconnected. So many old friends accepted me on facebook. I sat there browsing their profiles and realize how sucessful they are. When I look at myself I Feel bad. Working at home and behind this desk gets sickening! Fight fight guys! Fight!

Sitting here staring at everything I got in this house. I got so many things that I bought over the years! It's sick!


Aug 13

Slow Times

Wow it's been quite sometime now! Time sure flies! It's almost october again! One more year older! Now I finally understand why people always say enjoy it while it last. Lately I've been helping my brother Nghia get into the webhosting business. He has problems trusting so its hard to jump into a business that he can't learn to trust. I know theres alot of problems but there's always chance you have to take. I'm having a hard time teaching him becuase he can't learn to trust. But then he come to me. He must trust me to some extend…

I'm very happy also! My son is learn how to talk now! He's copying what I say even though its not clear but its decent enough for you to hear!

I've been getting alot of headache lately. Lots of bad news comes after another one! ahhhhhhhhh..more shopping to do! ahhhhh..

I just woke up! Don't have anything else to say.

Aiyahhh lai tiem mot tuoi nua! Nam nay sao nghe nhieu chuyen met wa……1 thang truoc da nhuc dau…tuan nay la nhuc nhat…….aiiyahhhh….nguoi viet minh  hay noi dung nen yeu..yeu roi kho lam…..bay gio Cardin moi biet that ra song mot minh suong nhat. Nhung bay gio da yeu roi nhung biet lam sao……yeu nguoi khong nen yeu mot ban nhac cua Khanh Phuong hat nghe hay lam. Cac ban nghe roi noi cho Cardin biet hay khong cardin @ cardinnguyen.com …mong nguoi nghe se hieu duoc sao dang ong khoc…


Background Song – "Yeu Nguoi Khong Nen Yeu – Khanh Phuong"

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