Dec 15

Somethings missing

Dear Journal,

I guess today as I woke up at 11 o’clock today it was so painful to even drag myself out of the bed. I dont know if this is a good idea to take Cory in and help him at all. But over all heck its already done so I gotta try my best.
Yesterday I was watching a movie about a father kiling his own son. OH gody its so sad. I was crying so much but heck after wkaing up this morning I finally realize what I have been doing wrong. Hmmm

Oh well dont know what else to say..just too much in my mind right now. Talk with you later.


Dec 12


Dear Journal,

how sad is it to be accused of things that you didnt do. Walking and living is really hard as you take each breath in an out. Please as many of you are reading this . I dont read email from here and dont pm me. this site is just for my family and friends to read. its just sad to be acused. I realize that having a name is harder then having a life. A name signify who you are. But what does it mean to really have a name dedicated to yourself? it has no meaning no more.
I close my eyes and shorten these breaths and exale greatly understanding why people blame others for things thats you’re not the one that started it. So thats why I’ve decided that I wont be checking this email no longer. This email will just sit here and emty as the mail box gets full.
Second of all, now I know how it is in the media world. One media could actually fucks withones life with just their false facts. its really sad..

thanks alot liers out there.

does it mean I have to change myself just to make myself different ? fuck you ! heck I aint changing who I am! So fuck your media. you know who I’m talking to.



Dec 12

Christmas Break 2004

I’m here at my parents house visiting them for break. Its been great the past two days here. The long drive was always a pain in the as but here I am. Aftre taking finals I realize it wasn’t as hard. Finals was really easy and fun.
– Yup thats pretty much my journal~ I’m done with my school and job…so happy….
will catch up with you guys on my life and how the break is.


Nov 28

Vacation – the break

My break at home with my family was fun. Though it seem dull for many but the feeling of being home is great. My brother Tai running around the house with his friend trying to kick my ass was somewhat fun. We play monopoly all night long. My parent’s isn’t into game so they went to bed early everyday.
I tried to call up Oanh to hang out but it seem like she never answer my phone call. She did but then no replie so I assume that she was busy or either sleeping. I back here in bellingham on saturday because I have an extra credit paper that I can do thats worth 8 percent of my grade.
Yup that’s pretty much it of my life as of now. If anything exciting or sad I’ll post up soon.


Nov 19

Thanksgiving – a week break

Well I’m getting very exciting that the quater is almost over. Finally there’s going to be this long gap (two weeks) of break till I hit the books agian. I hoping to do ok in all my class. Maybe Geology I’m not doing to well but I hope I’m just going to pass that class with C atleast. Dont know why that class is so hard. Its probably because Dave Hirsch is too well organize I guess. His test is tricky that’s all. Second of all I’m really happy that I get to head home to see my family again. Havent spent much time with them either.
Next week is thanks giving and I’m heading home. I honestly dont know what ot give them at all. Maybe buy a big chicken from seattle then head home?

Nov 17

Sad Yesterday, its a New Day Today

I’m really sorry that I lost all our data. I don’t mean to forget about the past. Its still there. Six years worth of journal lost because of datacenter harddrive corrupted. From this I learned that nothing is there if you’re not protective of it. Thats why everyone so protective of their own lifes. Now I see why.
I lost the journals mysql on Saturday night. I’ve been sad the past days. I felt that those journals was part of it. Though it has gone with the air I’m herer to start a new one. Those words I type, those hours I spent is still there in my heart.
Yesterday I was sad, today is a new Day

Nov 12

Losted 10 Years+

Dear Journal,

Today gotta be one of my sad days again! I just lost all my post/threads since 1995 when I started using the internet from phpbb, vbulletin, invision board. I was trying to test out modules and hacks for the forums. I was stupid enough to not backup the database. I dropped the database becuase the module didn’t work.

But then soon I realize that I just dropped my whole life database without backing it up! HOw stupid is that?

Ahhh sorry my 10+ years life journals! A book lost but my memory still remains.

Cardin Nguyen

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