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Jun 07

Applying for jobs

lately I’ve been applying for jobs all over the place. I just need a stable job where I can put my knowledge to use. If anyone got any good idea where I can put my skills to use please do e-mail me. Beside that I’m doing great. Life been getting better by the minute. Trieu …

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Apr 03

A Friend Everywhere

This morning I woke up with a surprise! All it takes is a good start in the morning: Jerry & Fiona said: ============================== ======================================== I really enjoyed your blogsite about your new life with your wife and child(ren). I spent about an hour on it this morning. Lovely photos also. We did ours about 2 …

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Mar 29


Lately I received several emails saying that I shouldn’t worry what other things else I won’t get anywhere. I agree to those e-mails, but we can’t always do it. We don’t worry a lot of things but there are certain things that we have to be worried of. Like right now I am a single …

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Jul 16

Ve Que Huong Em va Anh – My Home

Everyday its closer to my departure! I'm having a hard time sleeping every night thinking of how fun it would be to have a Traditional Wedding with a gal that I fell in love over the past months. I grew up in United States with a decent childhood. I consider myself an American, but Vietnamese …

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