Sep 21

A Month of Worries, a Month of Thoughts

Its been a long time since I wrote any journals to update. I haven’t really found myself yet. Though I have a family and come home to a beautiful family but there’s that missing piece to the puzzle. Its really hard waking up every morning and lost.

Sometimes in life you had high hopes to find that one friend who you can share your daily life pressure with but in the end the misunderstanding bought life to this point. I honestly don’t know where to begin or where should I be at. I’m more of a loss soul walking with this daily mask trying to understanding why things are the way it is.

Work – I got the skills in this stable job at Washington State government job. Its very easy going.

Friendship – friendship all have their requirements. After elementary you lost your friends, after Middle school they all went separate ways. After high school we all part our own ways. After college we all congratulate each other and never to be heard. In in the work force when you find a friend to share with. In the end it was closed because of misunderstanding of one personal emotions.

Family – nothing can be more prettier then a perfect family.

Over all life been good to me. I’m just walking it alone with a mask on me to make it perfect. Just missing the soul.

I’ll try to update my journal more often I promise.

I’m getting ready to go to Vietnam to see what has change after 6 years. I’m sure I got more time to update my journal.


-Cardin Nguyen