Dec 22

Final Divorce

On Monday Dec. 21, 2009 I recieved my final divorce orders. I’m very happy that it’s finally over. I don’t have to deal with the issues anymore. Finally felt the freedom again. Anyways its the best Christmas present I got this year so far. Everything being over and done with. I’m also planning to move to Florida. I’m going to Florida again to check the condition to see if its a good place to move down there. The other issue that I will be facing is if I ever move far away from Bellingham, Ms. Ngoc-Tran Nguyen is going to try to tie me down to one location. Its such a sad world isn’t it? Well if I do decide to move I’m going to try my best to go through modification of the divorce discreed and see if we can negociate on 2-3 days visitation every other month that way I am not tie down in one place. Ms. Ngoc-Tran is very evil if she tries to make me stick to Bellingham, Wa only.
It’s Christmas again and I spent nearly all my paycheck and saved up money for presents. This year I just got a huge lump sum of Tax Return that I divided some with Tran because she was on the Tax return. After that I used it to pay some bills and bought presents. I also used 200 to gamble at SloPit! Sad eh? Sorry I wont do it again. I was sad that night some how so I went in there. I think its because of the hatred . Mehhh I dont know.
Christmas is here again, I wish all my readers, friends, and family a great new year coming up. I would like to personally thank all those who spent the time reading my journal and supported me over the years. I was bored so I made myself Hen Xui Dice. Sorry I know I wrote Xui wrong but meh! I’m proud of my vietnamese!

Second of all I been bugging chi Thao to send me pictures of her wedding. I guess her professional picture aren’t pretty as her normal pictures like this one. It’s more natural! Damn shes tall! Chi Thao said she wasn’t wearing high heels! Ahh I’m scared I dont wanna go to florida! ahhhhh ok thats it! enough the yelling! Enjoy thanks for hearing me out today

Background Song: “Crimson Rain – Kay Tse ” – (12/25/2009) – this song is today’s journal because it define who I am at this point. I’m happy that I got this far and suffered alot. What tears me apart because I was being used by a family who was hungry for money but I stuck to it because I just wanted a family. .