Oct 07

Money Wasting

We’ll since I received the call from my Paralegal of Christina King my days we’re dark. I wasn’t sad because more courts dates. But due to the fact that we’re wasting more money. My STBX (soon to be ex) claims that I shouldn’t get a lawyer and agree things out of court. But in order to protect my rights that’s why I got a lawyer. Now that we got everything almost done.
We finish the Temp Parenting Plan and now we’re working over child support she decided to get herself a lawyer so we can start at step 1 all over. She is spending her cash and making me start all over wasting all the money that I have spent so far to get this far. Quite sad eh?
We’re both wasting money! We’re so close to be done but because she don’t want to deal with child support and assets part she decided to fight for custody? Eh now instead of me wasting 4k~ estimated cost for the divorce it will cost me 4K already spent + whatever it cost to get us to final divorce!

Not only that it will cost my soon to be ex-wife massive money too. I’m not going down without a fight. I got this far no point of giving up.
So both of us is going to waste a total of more than 30k worth of divorces cost!
Man, a family she doesn’t want! She always blame me everything! She says I waste money? Now she makes it even worse! All she wants is party? What kind of mess did I get myself in? A-men…….
Well beside the sad news, I spent a whole day fishing with my son! I caught crap loads of bullheads and a few other fish that I don’t know names of. We also went to the library just to walk around. After that around 6 we went to Goodwills and 1$ Store! It was fun! Though I feel cheap but it makes me feel like home!