Feb 05

The Niche of Time

Time, it plays a big role in our decision making….

Sometimes when I sit here and look back the time I realize I made alot of mistakes. Sometimes I rush myself in search for someone to hold and cuddle. As you walk through the mall seeing others walking together as couples with those smiles on their faces. You could never knew that they have the same issues you have behind those smiles.
Sometimes, you wish you can turn back time and sit back and not rush into time. I wish that sometimes I wouldnt have pick the bad wife/gf. I’m in the stage of getting a divorces. I realize I picked one is so materialistic. Realize all the money I make isnt in my pockets but into gambling. Oh my god shes a gamble freak. She doesnt work and stay at home and take care of Travis/Trieu and ask for 100 bucks every day. I’m on the verge of killing myself, onces again “My Life on Earth” yelling to myself with no one listening.
Now that I got a kid its alot hard to start over. Who would accept that? I’m 25 and getting older so its not easy like everyone thinks.

send me your thoughts, send me your advices.

Onces again I made a wrong choose because I couldnt hold one person in my arms. Again I’m the one that gave up on my past. There S2 gone in the wind.

Cardin Nguyen