Feb 18

Quick Update 1 Year

Sorry guys!
I been so busy to update my blog!

- Everything going fine! I just finish my Fall quarter at The Evergreen State College! I pass with good grades! Wahooo

- my life is finally getting together! Everything is coming to light again!

- the kids are doing good! they beat me down everyday! ahhh

To keep this simple and short! Life has really busy! When I got the time again I’ll start typing again. Next year 2014 I’ll try to at least type 1 blog every month for you guys!


May 24

Quick Up Date – School

Sorry guys for not updating very often. I’ve been so busy with school. I transferred my 137 credit from Western Washington University to The Evergreen State College. They took only 110 credits which cuts me back by 27 credit short but I think its worth it! I’m closer to my family and lost close to two quarters worth of credits!

I’m currently taking Summer class with 16 credits that cost me $4,000 just for classes! Yikes! Donations??? =) ok gotta run to class! Later guys

Apr 14

Cubby vs Dropbox

For the last two years I’ve been using Drop Box as my primary source of backing up my personal files to the cloud. Lately Logmein, a company that I’ve been using for my virtual private network needs has release Cubby which does practically the same thing as Drop Box.

After using Cubby Pro for over a month I actually like it


Cubby features that I like:

- DirectSyncTM- sync unlimited folders across computers without using your cloud storage. You can sync folders among your own computers so all your files are always at your fingertips. It also lets you securely sync with others so your friends and colleagues always have the same files and are always on the same page.

- 5 GB Free – You can earn up to 20 GB free with referrals while Dropbox only gives 2GB to start out with.

- Any Folder Sync - You can turn any folder into a cubby right where it is by dragging it over to the Cubby application or right-clicking it (PC). No need to change where it lives or how you work. Turn as many folders into cubbies as you like.

- $9.99 /Month for 100 GB.

 direct_sync make_any_folder

Drop Box features that I like


- Fast Syncing – Dropbox got it right! Things sync really fast. It took 2-3 days to sync 60 GB of files to the cloud while it took nearly 8 days to sync for Cubby.

- Simple Sharing – the sharing features of Dropbox is so much better than Cubby.

- Version History – it appears that version history of Dropbox is built better than Cubby. Each time you edit the file it saves the version. If you happen to copy an old version into the folder than Drop Box will recognize that without reuploading again. Cubby has to reupload that file again and count that as one version.

- $9.99 /Month for 100 Gb

 syncbox_transparent rainbowbox_transparent

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Apr 05

Tomato QOS – Monthly Stats

Holy Cow! After getting home from driving around with Huong (She driving) I logged onto my router after 5 months or so now checking on the health of the router and I see this! There’s Nghia, Tai, my neighbors, my wife, and me doing all this downloading!

That’s some crazy downloading! I got a bit noiser and start looking deeper to see what everyone accessing!

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Apr 04

Leaving a Job – Corset Connection.com

Sorry guys for not updating you guys at all! It’s been hectic this 2012-2013 trying to get my life back on track.

After working at CorsetConnection.com for 3.5 years now. I have just have left the job to head back to school. It’s so true hearing many stories from other people who left jobs. It’s hard leaving a job that you put a lot of hours over the years. On the day I decide its time to head back to school, I decide to give my two weeks notice, but asked a friend of my boss how to say good bye than I removed myself complete access to Corset Connection files from Domains, FTP, Files, GoDaddy, and Server access. I was afraid that after you’re done being used a lot of bad things would go around. I figured Bosses always have double faces. They say one thing in front of you and than say something else behind you. I tried my best to avoid this by disconnecting myself so there’s no finger pointing! Over the years I saw so many new employees and so many left with the same stories. I guess I’m on the same path. At this point I can’t say anything but shake my head and walk off. <sigh> I tried my best and heart.

Well now onto the good news! I applied to Evergreen State College! It feels good to be on campus and getting away all these negativity!




Nov 23

Life Recycles – we just gotta know when to stop

Sometimes we sit in our favorite spot to think of the past and the present. We compare what’s different and promise ourselves that we’ll do it different this time. Love hurts a lot but we still love just for the fact that we’re living. Each break-up we get stronger but next relationship we fall back into the same track. When you’re in love you don’t really care what happen. We do whatever it takes to make her/him happy. That is one of the weakness in every relationship. We have to stand up and defend who we are in the relationship and not let our partner control who you are.

Yesterday my wife was mad at me, We were getting ready to go to the mall and I slipped on a pair of jeans.. She want me to wear “khaki pants” to the mall, but I refuse because its not something important. I’m not a businessman or any professional, or even going to work. I refused and she got mad. She took the kids clothes of and we stayed home for the evening. That one thing I learn in my past relationship. We have to be comfortable to be who we are. We have to set rules and regulations for ourselves. In the past relationship and marriages; I made that one mistakes  of changing who I am because I love them dearly. At first when I met my love ones they loved the way I am. I love to take advice what to wear but always give me a choice of wearing what I want for the appropriate causes.

The art of love is knowing when to stop and break the cycle. Every love recycles it self but the power we hold is breaking the mistakes we made in the past to make the love current strong, powerful, and stable. I hope all those that are currently in love. Please do give your love ones the spaces and let them grow. Give them the choices they can make. As they grow older then will compare and observe. If they can’t compare its not love…

Love is give and take….

Love is space

Love is wonderful



“Yeu Nguoi Khong Nen Yeu” Khanh Phuong – I choose this song for today’s because it tells how I feel at this moment.  You love someone you shouldn’t have loved, but you its already happen therefore it hurts every moment.

Nov 10

Cancalled cardin@cardinnguyen.com and opened CardinS2u@live.com

It’s been nearly two weeks since I installed Windows 8 so far its doing good! Microsoft did a pretty good job with all the features they are trying to put together. One feature I don’t like one bit is their People feature.

People feature is a condense feature of Skype contacts, out look contacts, hotmail contacts, and msn contacts all together in one places. If I added the contacts to my iPhone then it would show all of Microsoft services contacts that I have on the iPhone which is quite annoying. Contacts that I have in e-Mail (Hotmail) are only ones that have phone numbers in them!

That why I got mad and cancel my cardin@cardinnguyen.com account and now use cardins2u@live.com sole just for Microsoft services.

Nov 07

How To Turn Off / Turn On Background Running Windows 8 Metro Apps

Windows 8 is catching to many and not so to productive business owners. Though it looks pretty to the eyes to some and others it may be different. So far I am getting use to using it. As I install more apps from Windows App store my screen is full if apps now. Things start to close down.

If you’re like me you love to install a lot of apps just to test out the new features in Windows 8. You’ll end with massive applications.

At initial installation of the apps it will ask you “you allow this appllication to be run in the back ground.” Later you might decide you don’t want the program to run in the background. If you don’t have a good internet connection  you could see your internet experience slow down. Therefore its best you turn off life running applications in the background.


How To enable or disable Background Running Windows 8 Metro Apps?

Step 1: Go To start screen in Your Windows 8 PC or tab
Step 2: Now right click on the apps that you want to turn off running in the background
Step 3: You will see “Turn live tile off” option at the bottom of your screen , just click on it.


Oct 31

Windows 8 Pro

Hi Guys!

Sorry for the no journal entries lately! I’ve been quite busy with life. Getting things together and trying to put food o the  table. Here’s the update:

Windows 8 Pro

- I installed the Window and trying to get use to the Metro UI start menu that Microsoft has implemented. So far everything going going very smooth.


- my son is walking now. Hes running all over the house destroying the place.


- hes doing good. Hes annoying now. He ask everything he learn on tv


- shes doing good, shes complaining because winter time theres no money in the nail business.


- I’m doing good. I’m still playing with bitcoin system.


thats the latest update, I’ll let you guys know whats going on if things happen more.


-Cardin Nguyen


Aug 18

Too Good to Be True – Zeek Rewards

Alright, I’ve been getting lots of email “I told you so!, Why did you lie to us?” all about Zeek Rewards! I want to straighten this out. If you’re all mad I can’t really take all the blame. I joined Zeek Rewards just like many of those who joined. I was brought in by one of my friends with the impression of it making good money from Zeekler.com. I put in 1k and  took out 6x that amount therefore it worked for me. Though the company did not operate legally after all the compliance that they been working on makes me kind of sad.

If we all want to blame, we should all blame Pual Burks and Rex Venture Group for stirring us wrong!

Live life like an Epic adventure! Keep going strong and move on! Don’t cry over the past mistakes but keep going strong!

-Cardin Nguyen

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