Nov 23

Life Recycles – we just gotta know when to stop

Sometimes we sit in our favorite spot to think of the past and the present. We compare what’s different and promise ourselves that we’ll do it different this time. Love hurts a lot but we still love just for the fact that we’re living. Each break-up we get stronger but next relationship we fall back into the same track. When you’re in love you don’t really care what happen. We do whatever it takes to make her/him happy. That is one of the weakness in every relationship. We have to stand up and defend who we are in the relationship and not let our partner control who you are.

Yesterday my wife was mad at me, We were getting ready to go to the mall and I slipped on a pair of jeans.. She want me to wear “khaki pants” to the mall, but I refuse because its not something important. I’m not a businessman or any professional, or even going to work. I refused and she got mad. She took the kids clothes of and we stayed home for the evening. That one thing I learn in my past relationship. We have to be comfortable to be who we are. We have to set rules and regulations for ourselves. In the past relationship and marriages; I made that one mistakes  of changing who I am because I love them dearly. At first when I met my love ones they loved the way I am. I love to take advice what to wear but always give me a choice of wearing what I want for the appropriate causes.

The art of love is knowing when to stop and break the cycle. Every love recycles it self but the power we hold is breaking the mistakes we made in the past to make the love current strong, powerful, and stable. I hope all those that are currently in love. Please do give your love ones the spaces and let them grow. Give them the choices they can make. As they grow older then will compare and observe. If they can’t compare its not love…

Love is give and take….

Love is space

Love is wonderful



“Yeu Nguoi Khong Nen Yeu” Khanh Phuong – I choose this song for today’s because it tells how I feel at this moment.  You love someone you shouldn’t have loved, but you its already happen therefore it hurts every moment.

Nov 10

Cancalled and opened

It’s been nearly two weeks since I installed Windows 8 so far its doing good! Microsoft did a pretty good job with all the features they are trying to put together. One feature I don’t like one bit is their People feature.

People feature is a condense feature of Skype contacts, out look contacts, hotmail contacts, and msn contacts all together in one places. If I added the contacts to my iPhone then it would show all of Microsoft services contacts that I have on the iPhone which is quite annoying. Contacts that I have in e-Mail (Hotmail) are only ones that have phone numbers in them!

That why I got mad and cancel my account and now use sole just for Microsoft services.

Nov 07

How To Turn Off / Turn On Background Running Windows 8 Metro Apps

Windows 8 is catching to many and not so to productive business owners. Though it looks pretty to the eyes to some and others it may be different. So far I am getting use to using it. As I install more apps from Windows App store my screen is full if apps now. Things start to close down.

If you’re like me you love to install a lot of apps just to test out the new features in Windows 8. You’ll end with massive applications.

At initial installation of the apps it will ask you “you allow this appllication to be run in the back ground.” Later you might decide you don’t want the program to run in the background. If you don’t have a good internet connection  you could see your internet experience slow down. Therefore its best you turn off life running applications in the background.


How To enable or disable Background Running Windows 8 Metro Apps?

Step 1: Go To start screen in Your Windows 8 PC or tab
Step 2: Now right click on the apps that you want to turn off running in the background
Step 3: You will see “Turn live tile off” option at the bottom of your screen , just click on it.


Oct 31

Windows 8 Pro

Hi Guys!

Sorry for the no journal entries lately! I’ve been quite busy with life. Getting things together and trying to put food o the  table. Here’s the update:

Windows 8 Pro

– I installed the Window and trying to get use to the Metro UI start menu that Microsoft has implemented. So far everything going going very smooth.


– my son is walking now. Hes running all over the house destroying the place.


– hes doing good. Hes annoying now. He ask everything he learn on tv


– shes doing good, shes complaining because winter time theres no money in the nail business.


– I’m doing good. I’m still playing with bitcoin system.


thats the latest update, I’ll let you guys know whats going on if things happen more.


-Cardin Nguyen


Aug 18

Too Good to Be True – Zeek Rewards

Alright, I’ve been getting lots of email “I told you so!, Why did you lie to us?” all about Zeek Rewards! I want to straighten this out. If you’re all mad I can’t really take all the blame. I joined Zeek Rewards just like many of those who joined. I was brought in by one of my friends with the impression of it making good money from I put in 1k and  took out 6x that amount therefore it worked for me. Though the company did not operate legally after all the compliance that they been working on makes me kind of sad.

If we all want to blame, we should all blame Pual Burks and Rex Venture Group for stirring us wrong!

Live life like an Epic adventure! Keep going strong and move on! Don’t cry over the past mistakes but keep going strong!

-Cardin Nguyen

Aug 17

Zeek Rewards Shut Down:

Sorry to those who invested into Zeek Rewards! After months I finally got the news too myself. Thank god I got my investments back already because of my withdraws. I pray for those who got into Zeek Rewards didn’t invest everything and damage are at minimal.


SEC Shuts Down $600 Million Online Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme


Washington, D.C., Aug. 17, 2012 – The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced fraud charges and an emergency asset freeze to halt a $600 million Ponzi scheme on the verge of collapse. The emergency action assures that victims can recoup more of their money and potentially avoid devastating losses.

The SEC alleges that online marketer Paul Burks of Lexington, N.C. and his company Rex Venture Group have raised money from more than one million Internet customers nationwide and overseas through the website, which they began in January 2011.

Additional Materials

According to the SEC’s complaint filed in federal court in Charlotte, N.C., customers were offered several ways to earn money through the ZeekRewards program, two of which involved purchasing securities in the form of investment contracts. These securities offerings were not registered with the SEC as required under the federal securities laws.

The SEC alleges that investors were collectively promised up to 50 percent of the company’s daily net profits through a profit sharing system in which they accumulate rewards points that they can use for cash payouts. However, the website fraudulently conveyed the false impression that the company was extremely profitable when, in fact, the payouts to investors bore no relation to the company’s net profits. Most of ZeekRewards’ total revenues and the “net profits” paid to investors have been comprised of funds received from new investors in classic Ponzi scheme fashion.

“The obligations to investors drastically exceed the company’s cash on hand, which is why we need to step in quickly, salvage whatever funds remain and ensure an orderly and fair payout to investors,” said Stephen Cohen, an Associate Director in the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. “ZeekRewards misused the power of the Internet and lured investors by making them believe they were getting an opportunity to cash in on the next big thing. In reality, their cash was just going to the earlier investor.”

The SEC’s complaint alleges that the scheme is teetering on collapse with investor funds at risk of dissipation without its emergency enforcement action. Last month, ZeekRewards brought in approximately $162 million while total investor cash payouts were approximately $160 million. If customers continue to increasingly elect to receive cash payouts rather than reinvesting their money to reach higher levels of rewards points, ZeekRewards’ cash outflows would eventually exceed its total revenue.

Burks has agreed to settle the SEC’s charges against him without admitting or denying the allegations, and agreed to cooperate with a court-appointed receiver.

According to the SEC’s complaint, ZeekRewards has paid out nearly $375 million to investors to date and holds approximately $225 million in investor funds in 15 foreign and domestic financial institutions. Those funds will be frozen under the emergency asset freeze granted by the court at the SEC’s request. Meanwhile, Burks has personally siphoned several million dollars of investors’ funds while operating Rex Venture and ZeekRewards, and he distributed at least $1 million to family members. Burks has agreed to relinquish his interest in the company and its assets plus pay a $4 million penalty. Additionally, the court has appointed a receiver to collect, marshal, manage and distribute remaining assets for return to harmed investors.

The SEC’s investigation was conducted by Brian M. Privor and Alfred C. Tierney in the SEC’s Enforcement Division in Washington D.C. The SEC acknowledges the assistance of the Quebec Autorite des Marches Financiers and the Ontario Securities Commission.

# # #




Jul 16

Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam!

I miss Vietnam so much! My parents leaving to Vietnam Wednesday night and I’m excited for them! Its signs of missing home. Though I was raise here but I’m in love with a country that I’m happy I’m not raised in!
Everything doing great on my end! Things are getting into its place. I’m sorting things out! Huong’s getting the hang of things! Shes working hard and trying to get her driver license! My two sons are getting bigger too!

Aite no time for long journals! Gotta go take the kids to the beach! Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 06

6 Months After Joining Zeek Rewards

It’s been well over 6 months since I join Zeek Rewards and bought 1000 VIP Bids. I’m doing really great and lovely it. I got daily commission and posting my adds every day! You guys should join Zeek Rewards and try it out! It worked for me

Jun 22

Not Knowing English Could Become a Crime

Not Knowing English Could Become a Crime

If you don’t speak English these days it could become a crime that could jeopardize your path of life. Here is a real story that happens to us making us feel over powered by employee doing their job with no communication experience. Therefore I feel it’s necessary as a Vietnamese born and raised in United States since the last boat people in 1987 to get my message across.  Today it is important to hire employees with strong humanities and communication background to help those language barriers in transition. It’s by luck to encounter great employees with the degree and experience to understand else it’s just another employee doing their job to show their boss it’s another day at work. This is a story about my wife who just arrived at Port of Seattle on December 8, 2011 from Tay Ninh, Vietnam whom recently got one year suspension from not knowing English in test centers.

Huong Le, my wife, 25 years old, and the youngest of 9 children had a tough life up till today.  Her parents couldn’t afford schooling for the children but luckily by the time she at school age; her brothers and sister was old enough to work and help paid her through school. She takes great pride and thanks her brothers and sister every day for allowing her to attend school. It allows her to read basic Vietnamese to get around and read letters from families across the country. Though she likes to attend school further, but she knows her family can’t afford it and dropped out after 5th grade to relieve her family from pressure.  At the age of 11 she stayed home to help her mother around the house. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 10

Facebook, facebook, & more facebook

Oh god, I hate staying home. I hate working from home. I think I spend about 2 hours a day on facebook doing mindless things. Posting stuff, reading people profiles and checking up on old friends. I want to work 4-8 hours a day at another job or something. Zeekrewards doing great, my home base business is doing great also but I want something more out of life.


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