Oct 31

Blanked Out

I’m back! Today I went in for an interview at DES (Department of Enterprise Services). I have to admit my mind was totally blank. Even simple questions I couldn’t answer. If I have issues with another employees then what should I do. This is a common question that usually come up. But my mind was totally blank when I was in that room. I’m not sure if its the interview that’s blanketing my brains or its the environment that I’m in. I sat there at the end of the table and peak over to my right and notice DES staff working diligently on their 2-3 screen monitors. I want to be one of them .

I gotta stop this side dreaming in the middle of an interview. Sadly I remember another question “whats network tools have you used?”…gally! I used so many to even remember. I use RDP graphs, BlueCoat Traffic Shaper, and switchs CLI lines to check in network flows.

Anyways I’m done releasing some stress. It’s just me being scared and things just blank out! …….It’s weird! If I was just given a computer to do one thing then I can probablly do it. Computers calms me down!


Computer Syndrome – my definition – is a disease that calms one person downs to get a perfect result!


I just blew a good interview! Guarantee I wont get the job. I just shot myself! oh well…a lesson learned.


Oct 31

October 2014 Updates

Its about time for another update. It’s been super long since I typed anything. Lately I’ve been busy with my self. Since graduation I applied to several state positions that’s open on careers.wa.gov website.

Its been a year now since my father had his total gastronomy (stomach removal) and its great to see him healthy again. If it wasn’t for my dad I wouldn’t have finish my degree. The exchange was a pricey one but things all happen for a reason. Its a year now and things are all falling into place. My father just finished his chemo theraphy two weeks ago. Everyday I drop off the kids at his house it seem like hes regaining his health back. Its neat how our body works just like computer.

We all need repairs one way or another. Computer needs a repair when a part is dying. Human body works exactly the same. Anyways my family been doing great. I’m getting ready for a new born too! 3 more weeks Kim Ngan Nguyen is seeing day light!!!

As for me? I’m doing ok! I’m trying to hold it together. Although I need a job but I’m sure it will come someday. I just want to get off DSHS support. I needed it while I was in school finishing my degree and a promise to my father. I’m holding it together…..

Jun 27

Not Selected for DR Coordinator Position Recruitment DOH-2370

Today I received an email saying that I’m not selected for further in the interviewing process. Though its sad but I got an email back from the interviewing officer made my sad day a bright day!


I’m going to work on improving myself.

-Cardin Nguyen




From: ***, ** (DOH)
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 6:59 PM
To: Cardin Nguyen
Subject: RE: DR Coordinator Position Recruitment DOH-2370


Your strengths are your ability to build a business from the start; your initiative and drive to succeed; your motivation to learn and grow from your mistakes; and your honesty.  I think to market yourself better you just need to highlight your strengths, and show a little more confidence in those strengths.




****** **********, CISSP | Information Security Officer | Washington State Department of He

(xxx) xxx-xxx (desk) | (xxx) xxx-xxx ( (cell)


Always Working for a Safer and Healthier Washington

May 21

Ahh School

School is finally almost over. Today I had a fun time with friends. They came over to play a few League of Legends games and talk over a few programs! It made me a bit happy. Trieu fell on the monkey bars and hurt himself! He cried so much and slept early today. That’s it for my day.


Hom nay la mot ngay day dang dan. Ban Cardin qua choi League of Legends 2-3 games roi noi ve Haskell va Java. Trieu hom nay di choi o Park. Trieu te sau ma bi dap. cu. Trieu chay ve nha khoc du lam ……hom nay ngu som khoan 8 gio la ngu mat dat.


thoi 4:44 sang thu 4 roi. Cardin di ngu day. Hoc het noi roi.


-Cardin Nguyen

May 16

Graduation Friday June 13, 2014

English Version:

Wow! It has finally come! I worked so hard for this BA in Computer Sciences. I was set off to college in 2002. But life thrust drove me off course. I worked so hard here at The Evergreen State College to get this degree! I worked so hard for this degree. If it wasn’t for my dad and my wife I wouldn’t have made it this far. Thanks for all the friends support. One thing thats bugging the hell out of me is. I worked hard for this degree but the person that I dream of being there couldn’t recorgnize the important of it. My wife couldn’t make it. She want to spend 6 weeks in Vietnam. I understand that she want to visit her family, but she fail to realize the importance of this graduation. Its the pride that I took in. The energy that gave me was my wife.


Vietnamese Version:

Wow, Cardin sap ra truong roi mung qua! Co le minh qua vui ma cung qua buon. Vui vi hoc sap xong. Buon vi chuyen doi lap di lap la cung la mot cuon phim. Nguoi song ai cung co mot dich. Tot hay xau minh suot doi ko biet duoc. Luc biet da qua tre. Thuong hay la khong chinh ban than minh biet. Thuong la mot su hanh dong. Minh co rang hoc xong de co mot tuong lai. Nhung ngoi nghi lai ko ai thuong minh that su het. …Da ddo vo* mot lan ma sao minh lai thay so* qua.. Vi ngoi  day minh moi biet minh mong muon co nguoi o ben canh di dua minh ra Truong.

minh di hoc de cho Ba vui va Vợ Con co mot tuong lai tot dep. Nhung dong Tien huy hon la chu “mong”. Cardin ko biet lam sao duyen ta. Nhung sao tam hon dau hon lan truoc. Da 31 tuoi dau roi ma bay gio moi hieu duoc cach thuong. Moi nguoi co mot cach thuong khac nhao. Minh co hoc het 9 thang de duoc bang de cho  Vo Con  va Ba/me thay minh di len nhan bang ra truong, nhung nguoi minh thuong nhat, nguoi minh chua bao gio gap ma ve lay lam vo khong hieu tai sao No quan trong voi Cardin. Noi ra thi Vo minh cuoi minh. Noi ra thi vo minh ko heu.

Do la mot khoan cach tuoi tat ma khong bao gio gep lai. Chac la Cardin so* so* qu?a de.u cau troi lai thoi gian. Bay gio moi biet cai loi va cai hai. Da qua Tre roi…..

Thoi gian hanh phuc nhat cuot doi Cardin la thoi giang Cardin vua di bo bao …..vua co Vợ noi chuyen…ma vua co Trieu. Luc do Vợ Cardin con hieu duoc.
Luc do Cardin di lam de danh tien co’ mot dich – Ve Vietnam lay V. Luc do chua gap mat Vợ ma chi duoc nghe tieng noi cua V.  De danh tien, vua tra tien nha, tien xe, va tien luat su. Bay gio hoc thanh cong roi nhung vo ko hieu….
..bay gio het thay cai quang trong cua hanh phuc nua.

Back Camera Back Camera


Thuong hai khong? buoonn qua….

ngoi nhin lai minh bo het 5 nam nhung vang khong hieu duoc vi sao minh chi la mot con Co*` thoi………..

bay gio co 2 dua con Phu va Trieu. Sap co mot dua nua roi. Nhung sao thay buon qua. Cardin se khong goi pha Vợ hang ngay nua. Bay gio de Vợ Cardin suy nghi ra co thuong Cardin that tinh hay khong. Nhin lai khong biet lam sao 2 nguoi chua gap mat, lam sao ma thuong nhau duoc? L

Vang mat Vợ Cardin nho qua………Cardin buon vi khong phai Huong khong lam tron phan nguoi V. Nhung Cardin buon vi Huong khong hieu tai sao Cardin phai di hoc  ma den gio nay moi  xong. Huong khong muon di du le ra truong.

Cai bang ben Vietnam co tien la mua duoc nen khong ai thay quan tro.ng . Ben My~ hoc ra duoc cai bang la mot su kho. Nen hom kia Cardin goi Vợ, xin V voi ve som. Huong noi mot cau ph~u phan “Anh co biet minh dau khong ma keu em ve truoc 13 thang 6.?”


Long tinh cua nguoi Vợ ddoi’ voi Cardin nhu vay thoi sao?


Mot cau tra loi lai bang cau hoi, lam Cardin buon lam…..nen Cardin moi nghi la Ba Xa lam rat tot bon phan nguoi Vo,  nhung Cardin khong phai la nguoi Huong thuong …….thuong khong phai Cardin can Sex, khong can nau an, nhung Cardin can su yeu thuong va quan tam…..Cardin work hard cho cai bang nay de mong minh co the lam mot nguoi chong tot, mot nguoi cha tot, nhung that vong vi ba xa khong hieu va khong biet su. nặng. vợ Cardin không quan trọng tốt nghiệp.

bay gio moi biet vo khong thuong minh ma khinh thuong Cardin.


Roi cai gi cung se qua. Dong tien lam mot nguoi thay cá tánh, Tôi không biết phải làm gì , nhưng muốn tốt nhất của may mắn den Vợ. 

Nếu Cardin phải trao đổi bằng cấp của Cardin cho vợ Cardin duoc một giây phút hạnh phúc và nụ cười hơn giay lat, Cardin sẽ không còn cầu xin Vo ve som để dự lễ tốt nghiệp.


Cardin đã lon lên tại Hoa Kỳ, nhưng Cardin la 100% nguoi Vietnam. Cardin không biết làm thế nào để lộ cảm xúc của mình, vi nguoi Vietnam không hiển thị nó. Do la lý do tại sao Cardin sử dụng blog để bày tỏ cảm xúc của mình mà không nói ra.

cam on may email “congratulation” cua cac ban! Cam on cac ban da lau nam doc nhat ky cua Cardin. Cardin ko so ai đọc het. Cardin vui vi co nguoi bo thoi gian đọc blog.

Cam on cac ban de gui e-mail cho Cardin.  Sorry 2-3 ngay nay Cardin ko tra loi e-mail. Chi mong co ai thuong Cardin that su. Nham mat ma thuong moi heu chu dau long. thoi neu day du roi. Co ban nao muon email thi cardin@cardinnguyen.com. Cardin hua se tra loi lai

Blog Song

Feb 18

Quick Update 1 Year

Sorry guys!
I been so busy to update my blog!

– Everything going fine! I just finish my Fall quarter at The Evergreen State College! I pass with good grades! Wahooo

– my life is finally getting together! Everything is coming to light again!

– the kids are doing good! they beat me down everyday! ahhh

To keep this simple and short! Life has really busy! When I got the time again I’ll start typing again. Next year 2014 I’ll try to at least type 1 blog every month for you guys!


May 24

Quick Up Date – School

Sorry guys for not updating very often. I’ve been so busy with school. I transferred my 137 credit from Western Washington University to The Evergreen State College. They took only 110 credits which cuts me back by 27 credit short but I think its worth it! I’m closer to my family and lost close to two quarters worth of credits!

I’m currently taking Summer class with 16 credits that cost me $4,000 just for classes! Yikes! Donations??? =) ok gotta run to class! Later guys

Apr 14

Cubby vs Dropbox

For the last two years I’ve been using Drop Box as my primary source of backing up my personal files to the cloud. Lately Logmein, a company that I’ve been using for my virtual private network needs has release Cubby which does practically the same thing as Drop Box.

After using Cubby Pro for over a month I actually like it


Cubby features that I like:

– DirectSyncTM– sync unlimited folders across computers without using your cloud storage. You can sync folders among your own computers so all your files are always at your fingertips. It also lets you securely sync with others so your friends and colleagues always have the same files and are always on the same page.

– 5 GB Free – You can earn up to 20 GB free with referrals while Dropbox only gives 2GB to start out with.

– Any Folder Sync – You can turn any folder into a cubby right where it is by dragging it over to the Cubby application or right-clicking it (PC). No need to change where it lives or how you work. Turn as many folders into cubbies as you like.

– $9.99 /Month for 100 GB.

 direct_sync make_any_folder

Drop Box features that I like


– Fast Syncing – Dropbox got it right! Things sync really fast. It took 2-3 days to sync 60 GB of files to the cloud while it took nearly 8 days to sync for Cubby.

– Simple Sharing – the sharing features of Dropbox is so much better than Cubby.

– Version History – it appears that version history of Dropbox is built better than Cubby. Each time you edit the file it saves the version. If you happen to copy an old version into the folder than Drop Box will recognize that without reuploading again. Cubby has to reupload that file again and count that as one version.

– $9.99 /Month for 100 Gb

 syncbox_transparent rainbowbox_transparent

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Apr 05

Tomato QOS – Monthly Stats

Holy Cow! After getting home from driving around with Huong (She driving) I logged onto my router after 5 months or so now checking on the health of the router and I see this! There’s Nghia, Tai, my neighbors, my wife, and me doing all this downloading!

That’s some crazy downloading! I got a bit noiser and start looking deeper to see what everyone accessing!

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Apr 04

Leaving a Job – Corset Connection.com

Sorry guys for not updating you guys at all! It’s been hectic this 2012-2013 trying to get my life back on track.

After working at CorsetConnection.com for 3.5 years now. I have just have left the job to head back to school. It’s so true hearing many stories from other people who left jobs. It’s hard leaving a job that you put a lot of hours over the years. On the day I decide its time to head back to school, I decide to give my two weeks notice, but asked a friend of my boss how to say good bye than I removed myself complete access to Corset Connection files from Domains, FTP, Files, GoDaddy, and Server access. I was afraid that after you’re done being used a lot of bad things would go around. I figured Bosses always have double faces. They say one thing in front of you and than say something else behind you. I tried my best to avoid this by disconnecting myself so there’s no finger pointing! Over the years I saw so many new employees and so many left with the same stories. I guess I’m on the same path. At this point I can’t say anything but shake my head and walk off. <sigh> I tried my best and heart.

Well now onto the good news! I applied to Evergreen State College! It feels good to be on campus and getting away all these negativity!




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